Symphony of Fate Episode 12

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The story focuses on two adopted sisters, An Qi and An Na, and their trials and tribulations in the fashion industry. An Qi is the older, nicer sister who is framed and returns after 5 years of wrongful imprisonment as a talented fashion designer seeking revenge, while her ambitious younger sister, An Na, becomes a super model.

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11 thoughts on “Symphony of Fate Episode 12

  1. It’s still the mum’s fault, being TOOOOO stupid! If she had revealed the truth the moment she realised ana read the letter, nothing like this would happen today. Ana’s tragedy is the result of the stupid mum!

  2. 是教育的問題,從小媽媽就要琪什麼都讓娜,仰出這種見不得人好的個性,娜原本就有這劣根性,只是她在發現自己身世後(而且是不完全了解)就認為自己怎樣都有理,藉題發揮,教育真是太重要了!

  3. 難道沒有法醫嗎?法醫加上煞車痕跡即使不知道是誰撞的,也能確定不是安琪阿,任何人就算自首也都還要回去還原現場不是嗎?最好自首都不用再勘驗就關,辦案真輕鬆

  4. yo think about it its not annas fault that the guy died. its actually coz of an qi and her mom. her moms such a whore holyy crappp, and an qi doesnt deserve that money or anything. we dont actually know what an qis thinking about. everyone hates anna so much coz we only know her better than everyone else, and we only know the bad things she’d done/ but if u were in her situation you wouldnt be able to tolerate the person who killed ur mom and her daughter

    • it might be an qi’s mother wrong but she already tried everything she can to solve the problem. She raised Anna and she told an qi to give everything anna wants and not steal anything from her. Just because Anna found out an qi’s mother is lying to her that she’s the thirdwheel but she had a reason. She didn’t want the family to break down. Obviously we didn’t know what AN QI is thinking but from all her actions we know that she’s trying to change Anna back to the old Anna. In the movie, Anna is acting like a mental person because probably she couldn’t take the truth and started thinking negatively. She thinks everyone is a bad person. She wants to be the best instead of an qi. So technically it was Anna’s fault because even tho the guy told her not to tell An qi what happened but she insisted to and Anna just crashed into him because the guy appeared out of nowhere and the bad thing is anna blamed everything SINGLE thing on an qi. It’s mostly ANNA’S FAULT…

      • yea she should raise anna coz shes freaking guilty yo. she ruined someones family ~
        annas only wrong for lying to an qi about the american university thing and blaming her murder on an qi , but everything else isnt really her fault, and none of it wouldve happened if it wasnt an qi and her mom. and its that guy’s fault that he chose to be crashed into 

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