Symphony of Fate Episode 14

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The story focuses on two adopted sisters, An Qi and An Na, and their trials and tribulations in the fashion industry. An Qi is the older, nicer sister who is framed and returns after 5 years of wrongful imprisonment as a talented fashion designer seeking revenge, while her ambitious younger sister, An Na, becomes a super model.

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11 thoughts on “Symphony of Fate Episode 14

  1. 请问有没有人知道为什么安琪的妈妈说安娜的母亲是杀人凶手呢?她的母亲杀了谁呢?还有安琪究竟有没有坐牢?不是所证据不总,安琪被释放了,为什么那些雇主还说安琪有案底呢? 希望能得到大家的解释,因为我真的看不太懂。

    • hahaha, the plot is a total crap! just accept it. There’s no explanation at all… Will u still look for things but not stare at the road if u were Anqi?!

      • I agree the plot is really confused. What do you mean by the last sentence that you have wrote in your comment? Can you type in Chinese?

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