Symphony of Fate Episode 30 The End

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The story focuses on two adopted sisters, An Qi and An Na, and their trials and tribulations in the fashion industry. An Qi is the older, nicer sister who is framed and returns after 5 years of wrongful imprisonment as a talented fashion designer seeking revenge, while her ambitious younger sister, An Na, becomes a super model.

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  • Venus Teo12

    i kinda wish yang mi married to the three guy,but i know it is impossible(anna)

  • fluffychloe

    I skipped from the first few episode to the last cause i lost intrest once fsf died and there was no more wcene of him and yang mi

  • Zz

    Why is it that anna only wear just those 2 sets of clothes over and over again?!

  • 123

    i think theres not much chemistry between an qi and cheng hao! tbh I kinda wish she picked tian yao instead.

    • SheraineLuvTaeyeon

      By the way is You not yao

  • Jessy_dipsy1992

    someone can tell me all songs title of this movie ?

  • jannie

    I want to want the last episode 🙁  T_T but can’t. the video is private. What to do?

  • unknown


  • unknown

    I can’t watch the last episode of Symphony of fate. Why?

  • Minyi

    So many unanswered questions!!!

  • Wishesforlife

    Three years later , XiaoAi is still so small. o-o

    • Xjessica23

      haha and still in the same school!

  • ahyen

    lol i watched a couple of eps and skip to the ending = )

    FXF died too early, lost interested in continue watching haha

  • Nicky121

    Great ending!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seriously… Pathetic ending… what a waste of time!

  • daf

    horrible ending.

  • inheaven

    seriously!! from wat all anna did, he still wants anna instead of chenxi’s lil sis!! wtf

  • JF

    Why did they have to kill Chenxi of all people, lol…

  • guest

    anyone kno the name of the song and the artist for the music played in this drama?

  • Guest

    what happened to chenxi’s sis, and tian you laoshi?  and between song dongshizhang and lu manqing?

    • ~~~~~

      I think the mysterious ending about Song and Lu’s pretty good. They still have love yo. But I’m curious about Yunxi too. As for Tianyou, he’s like a guardian angel of Anqi, in my opinion.

  • guest

    ending was great in my opinion. everything fell into place. i find that the conversation anna had with her mum in the hospital was touching. and things were ironed out between anqi and anna. have the feeling that chengxi is watching over everything, how anqi got to know cheng hao, xiao ai, and eventually meet anna again that leads to the following events. chengxi is anqi guardian angel!

  • Guest

    LOL skipped right to the end… soooooooo cheeessssssyyyy. kinda disspointed in YANG MI’s acting 🙁 so fake, wished she could be more natural 

    • Laughingflowersisi

      I agree, YANG MI is really fake in this one

    • Thor

      JengNi acts pretty good
      awesome !!

    • KK

      but yang mi is so beautiful so who cares lol

      • Mo

        thanks to plastic surgery technology !

        • Guest

          Really? Yang mi had plastic surgery?

    • jLiao

      her acting was so fake because her co-star wasn’t Feng Shao Feng, its another dude instead. that’s why there’s no chemistry, soa s a result, fake acting. 🙁