The Outsiders Episode 20

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Story revolves around three sworn brothers namely Yu Hao, Shan Zi and Yang Xiong Qi. They are delinquents, fighting to gain what they want, though they have never officially joined any triads yet. Their leader Yu Hao falls for Xiao Yan Zi, who is the opposite of everything that the boys are. She is from a family with very good background and has a bright future as a budding pianist. An ambush on Yu Hao by a rival gang brings them together when Yan Zi saves Yu Hao.

So the story revolves around how they fall in love and how Yu Hao, in a bid to protect Yan Zi, ends up joining the triads in order to get protection.

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2 thoughts on “The Outsiders Episode 20

  1. I don’t know Chinese that well, but here’s what I picked up from Ah Hao and Yan Zi’s last conversation:

    AH: I’m sorry. When I gave back the necklace to you, I promised to not make you cry anymore, but in the end I still made you cry.
    YZ: Look! I’m still wearing the necklace! It’s still with me!
    AH: I wanted to make you smile again. You look the most beautiful when you smile, so promise me that this will be the last time that you’ll cry.
    YZ: I promise! I promise I won’t cry anymore! So you promise me that you’ll survive this! Promise me that you’ll live!
    YZ: Sirs, can you drive faster?! I’m begging you, please!
    YZ: Ah Hao..
    AH: Promise me that you’ll live a happy life.. Xiao Yan Zi.. I love you…
    YZ: I-I love you too..

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