Waking Love Up (愛情睡醒了) Episode 01

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Unlike the heiress in the My Daughter, Tang Yan’s character this time is a poor hotel maid that’s nevertheless equally lovable. Because of an accident, she falls in love with the CEO of a major company, played by Roy Qiu, who had lost his memories. When he regains his memory, the two are faced with challenges both in love and in business, and must work together to save both themselves and their homes.

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  • Hangsa_eath

    why we don’t have sub title in English, how can i do?

  • Valerie Ling

    why can’t they just use original voices…

  • dbskrawks

    i love e song when jing li came in handsomely~~!! :DD ^^

  • Fdsfgsf

    stupid show.. their voice simply irritate me to the max. 

  • Dsadadsdgsgs

    …. cheena voice knn

  • Findthebee

    does anyone know where i can hear their real voices? the dubbing makes it a little fake… 

    • Valerie Ling

       totally agree

    • Haiyo

      It’s dubbed!? I only know the girl’s voice is a bit quite very childish ne…

  • ShowLover

    from some angles tang yan looks like butterfly sis..

  • may


  • Beryllowweiting

    She do look abit like SNSD’s Jessica (during the ‘hoot’ promos)! Plus abit of Sooyoung! 

  • Gogologo92

    DOes anybody know where i can watch this drama with english subS?

  • Vwu

    i hear jj lin in the background lol 😀

  • Canhthien

    please advise the name of this series soundtrack and where can I get it …..

    • Exactlyjoy

      tons of songs in this list !!! around 30 !!!

  • Exactlyjoy

    cant wait and didnt know that this web would upload this series, i (upset & patiently) finished this series a week ago via some other website with hugh traffic -_-!!! …

    a bit surprised how he can be so cool as “Xiang Tian Qi” while he is so cute as “Qin zi Qi”
    one person but diff hair color effects his attitude more than u know 😀 ..

    I kind of like the series accept the part of Tang Ma (sometimes looks so fake). Also love its soundtracks. They are all nice (long list though).  Pei in and same actors/actress team as <>  are a bit irritated. I beleive there r more actors left why all main 4 ppl always act in the same series. It’s getting boring.

    Anyway, thanks this web to upload so many good series and programs .. so so appriciated it.

    last!! .. love u  always “QIU ZE” ^ ^

  • clover

    唐嫣 in this drama looks abit like SNSD jessica very cute

  • 香港人


  • hui

    要支持此劇. 邱澤唐嫣 浪漫升溫.

  • Mel

    yupz the voice are not real.. not nice to hear… : (

  • Ultimatedramawatcher

    Oh gosh… Did they dub roy’s voice? T.T

  • Lucy

    the main character reminds me of xiao mi tao jie jie

  • 有没有人发现,片中插曲超级多!!!!!!!

  • Antony

    Those girls face look almost the same??!!!!

  • Ivy

    邱澤和唐嫣! 《夏家三千金》播出的時候最喜歡看他們倆, 很高興又能看到他們搭檔當情侶 ^^

  • GuestQQ

    鳥劇 不看= =

  • its almost the same as 王子变青蛙

    • Sdf

      because it is a remake of that drama.

      • ahyen

        damn the first one was the best.

    • N051005

      i agree with you

  • Rryyy

    china taiwan your mom