When Love Walked In Episode 10

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Young, talented, and handsome Qing Yu Jiang (Calvin Chen) receives orders to look for Chairman Yuan’s long lost granddaughter, Shen Ya Yin (Victoria/Song Qian). Because of her parents’ death, Ya Yin is bitter towards her grandfather. Yu Jiang not only eases the tension between them, but he gradually enters Ya Yin’s heart. But when their love begins, Yu Jiang backs out because of his love for his childhood friend. Yu Jiang tries to find her, but fails to realize that she has been by his side all along.

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  • haha

    i want tell the guy shut your mouth up. if your daughter lost what would you do? continue tell one or two people to help or… Say people low please la you more lower cause you are not a man.

  • angie

    i love zhou mi and victoria 🙂

  • Eunicemoon99

    what up w/the invisble engish subtitles? Hello, foreign person who cant understand here!

  • Alwany

    where can i watch this with english subtitles?

  • anonymous

    zhou  mi  kiss viktoria  , sweet .  if   i were  yayin i  would   slap  yi  ru   for  taking   my  place .  qiong   beat  ju qing  for  not  telling  her  that   he   had   resigned  bec   she  is   falling   for   him , he   deserves  it 

  • jiji

    hai this epi not working. anyone can help?

  • Michellebong1994

    y i cannot watch dis episode…

  • 草莓綠

    玉茹 好煩 just gtfo of 川’s faceeeeee

  • Thh Mem0riies

    every day including saturday and sunday 2 eps?

    • moonmelt

      everyday 2ep!

  • jojo548

    yu ru’s face makes me want to slap her. she’s so fake! arrggghh! D:<

  • dont-need-u-my-<3

    “beaytiful”…..so “original”…..

  • Twowaytrain

    Oh god, I’m so hating Chen Yu Ru and Bu Lai Te. What eyesores -.- I can already imagine what havoc they’re gonna cause later on in the drama. Sigh.

    • Guest

      Yeah, I know..don’t like the feeling at all..it’s gonna be a roller coaster ride. Sigh :((

      • Twowaytrain

         Yeah 🙁 i don’t know if you saw the BTS but there was one in which they said Shang Lin and Ya Yin became enemies, so I’m guessing if Shang Lin will turn bad later on in the show due to some family fued :/ Hopefully, this drama will end well!!

        • Mummy_bee2003

          Guess this prolly happens when Shang Lin and Ya Yin break up.

    • Guest

      Curious, why are all the Taiwan actors/actresses’ voices dubbed yet the British guy’s Bu LaiTe Chinese is not dubbed.

  • Thh Mem0riies

    where’s ep 11?

    • JC

      It’s only 2 eps per day

  • rachel khoo

    where’s ep 11?

  • Youtubie98


    • Thefirst

      Hey, I watch finish alr. So I am actually earlier!

      • Hzgg

        where did you watch?

    • wuv2dance