When Love Walked In Episode 20

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Young, talented, and handsome Qing Yu Jiang (Calvin Chen) receives orders to look for Chairman Yuan’s long lost granddaughter, Shen Ya Yin (Victoria/Song Qian). Because of her parents’ death, Ya Yin is bitter towards her grandfather. Yu Jiang not only eases the tension between them, but he gradually enters Ya Yin’s heart. But when their love begins, Yu Jiang backs out because of his love for his childhood friend. Yu Jiang tries to find her, but fails to realize that she has been by his side all along.

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44 thoughts on “When Love Walked In Episode 20

  1. Yu Ru is such a bitch…! She likes someone and thinks he belongs to her?? Go look at the mirror, her face is fat and ugly OMG who she thinks she is!!! 

  2. You guys probably won’t read this but let me get this out there before everyone whinges about the awkward kissing scene and the formality Ya Yin and Yu JIang have between each other. First of all, do you even understand the relationship they have? A crush you’ve always had on someone. Someone you only recently got to meet and know. Someone you’ve never even said sweet words to or hugged or kissed so passionately apart from two really awkward occasions, how would you react?

    Someone who proposed to your friend who then rejected him. How would you feel? Will you doubt his feelings? Or accept it openly by kissing him soooo passionately without a doubt? And then go super intimate and sweet with him ever after? No. You wouldn’t do so. You would be unsure if this really is happening. You would be yearning for it and the realization will only come moments after he kissed you. You will guard yourself against being too intimate because you may not be ready for the sudden deliberate intimacy despite knowing you are safe to love him. You will need the time to be close to him again. So don’t complain how ugly the scene was before you understand exactly how they feel inside. I’m not here to insult anyone but please understand what the characters are meant to feel.

  3. very sweet ,  they  hug each  other  ,  calvin  kiss  is so   ugly and   viktoria  is  like  a  corpse  she  is not   kissing  back  .

  4. why cant that old hag realize that its her fault that her son left? goddammit.
    and also, the editing is really bad. they should use the money they spend on the stupid annoying dubs on the editing.

  5. I known there’s gonna be the issue when Yu ru comes in (prolly in the next 2 episodes cause the storyline is developing so fast) but then yet again that’s also a good sign??? Cause it means that ya yin and Yu jiang have time to reconcile 🙂 I hope the ending is awesome! 🙂

  6. I find it funny that it looks like there’s a Fahrenheit poster in Yu Ru’s room (around 31:45 when she drove everyone out of her room).. AHHAHA.. the character loves the real actor.. 😀 (I hope I”m not seeing things though) 

  7. I want to see more intense face expressions from these young actors. Why is it I don’t feel excited at all? I don’t feel the intimacy eventhough Yu Jiang and Ya Yin are together.
    The story seems mild to me. Just my opinion for now.

  8. Yu ru is going to make yu jiang unconscious and have sex with him and than yu jiang has to be responsible so he going to leave ya yin.

  9. as much as i wanted them to quickly get together yesterday and today they are getting married is like  instant speed. hope they will grow closer in their marriage then.. 
    *fingers crossed* i hope they will not divorce or get some illness or sth. hmmmm… marry earlier in drama is not a good sign… 

  10. But they already known each other since young but separated due to some issue…
    They are good match… But i dun think the storyline will go down so smoothly like this…..There might be something bad going to happen…that what i think…
    Victoria did nv open her mouth when kissing X_X…very weird..

    • ya.. i think so too! i only saw your comment after typing mine. lol. 

      maybe vic dun really want to be kissed in real life so she dun seem to enjoy the kiss ba… 

    • Ya, I think I won’t go down smoothly. Because got one day yuru and yujiang got drunk then I think they went on bed. 🙁
      So Vic and yujiang have to break up. very sad. :'(

    • OMG.. AWWWWW.. i just gasped OUT LOUD in quiet room.. HAHAHA..  Sorry.. Didn’t think it’d be THIS QUICK!! Calvin.. you’re   going to make the ladies go crazy for you! 😀 

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