When Love Walked In Episode 31

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Young, talented, and handsome Qing Yu Jiang (Calvin Chen) receives orders to look for Chairman Yuan’s long lost granddaughter, Shen Ya Yin (Victoria/Song Qian). Because of her parents’ death, Ya Yin is bitter towards her grandfather. Yu Jiang not only eases the tension between them, but he gradually enters Ya Yin’s heart. But when their love begins, Yu Jiang backs out because of his love for his childhood friend. Yu Jiang tries to find her, but fails to realize that she has been by his side all along.

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  • {H}ayley ELF

    ha! chen yu ru, that’s karma!!

  • weelaw

    @ 30:10 theres a guy sitting in the back lolololol

  • viscariaJ

    Shang Lin look so skinny lying there in patient outfit…

  • peep

    zhou mi is so handsome

    • {H}ayley Elf

      ELFs too??

  • Guest

    how yu ru got from bad to worse i think ya yin is also partly at fault can. everyone including her dotes on her toooooooooooo much.

    • xlovedramaguyx

      but don’t you think that ya yin suffered alot before she found out that she’s the jie ban ren of the ren shi ji tuan? and besides the reason why yu ru gone bad to worse is because of her greediness. ya yin had done nth to harm yu ru,  instead, she tried to help yu ru as much as possible, such as forcing herself to let yu ru have yu jiang

  • BoyxBoyz

    Punch Punch Punch slap slap slap .. This show alot of violents lol

  • anonymous

    yu ru   deserves  that   slap  for   betraying  chairman  and yayin , if i   were  ya   yin i would slap  her   nonstop  for doing this 

  • anonymous

    if  i  were  the   mom i wouldnt apologize to   her  ,  bec  it   was  her  fault for   lying  to   us  for so  long

  • nobody

    i feel kinda bad for yuru tho….like the actress…cuz like from the beginning till the end….she’s always getting slapped….LAWL

    • Debz

      her character is a bitch so getting slap is normal..

    • Yunaaa

       Ewww who would feel bad for her LOL
      Looking at her makes me feel disgusted.
      Her character is just too……

  • ETM的老總怎麼想話有廣東腔~

  • anonymous

    i love shanglin the most!!!!

  • Pam


  • Rachel Castillo14

    I Hope Shang lin and ya Yin end up together See what Shang lin did for ya Yin and ya Yin’s grandfather please let them be together happily please


    I dont bear to watch this episode because I know Shanglin will get injured </3

    • mimi

      same same ah zhoumi you poor guy ):

  • Kale

    omgoodness! so touching! <3 shanglin's dad!

  • Kale

    yeah! thanks for the quick upload!:)

  • Youtubie98


    • Chahshhs

      Don’t be a fker