When Love Walked In (愛情闖進門) Preview

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Young, talented, and handsome Qing Yu Jiang (Calvin Chen) receives orders to look for Chairman Yuan’s long lost granddaughter, Shen Ya Yin (Victoria/Song Qian). Because of her parents’ death, Ya Yin is bitter towards her grandfather. Yu Jiang not only eases the tension between them, but he gradually enters Ya Yin’s heart. But when their love begins, Yu Jiang backs out because of his love for his childhood friend. Yu Jiang tries to find her, but fails to realize that she has been by his side all along.

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61 thoughts on “When Love Walked In (愛情闖進門) Preview

  1. such a good drama and good actors but what is wrong with their fucking voices. why don’t they use victoria and calvins real voices >:c

  2. Why does everyone hates calvin? i think he looks pretty hot and whats wrong with his voice? nothing..
    i think calvin and victoria is a cute couple even tho im a khuntoria shipper

  3. Holy Gahmoley, Victoria is still as beautiful as before! & OLALA she kisses Calvin, I wonder how Nickhun would react while seeing it…& All their voices seem so dubbed…What the fuck? & They are fluent in Chinese too…why can’t they just use their natural sexy voice? UGH. Wasn’t Nichkhun suppose to have a drama offer but because of the accident, everything got canceled?..So maybe this was the drama where he can be with Victoria again! o: K. I’m done 

    • The Chinese stations all dramas regardless.. mainly because China is so big and all the actors and actresses have different accents coming from different regions… so to make it the same… They dub EVERYONE.

  4. wait a sec…are they using Victoria’s original voice? She sounds different when she’s speaking Chinese vs. Korean. Don’t tell me they dubbed her too…but she’s from China, she should have fluent Chinese…

  5. wahh victoria surprised me with good acting chops. It’s a little early to say, but i don’t mind watching this melodrama for good acting. I prefer their original voices tho… 

  6. Why does Calvin Chen always get these bad roles to act? I really like him but these shows don’t even make me feel like watching…. The actors and actresses are not even convincing. The scene where one of the guys kissed the girl tt like Calvin wasn’t even a peck, looks more like kissing air. 

  7. Hahahah at 1:01 they even spelt fantastic wrongly! N y the heck must they dub this! Y all of them have this “CHINA” accent?

  8. since they used dubbing for actors that can speak Chinese perfectly anyways, why not use nickhun as one of he main guys?!?!?!?!?


    • I so agry with u even I don’t know wich one ur exaclly taking about but I just hate celvin that much • I seriously tried to stair at his face for more than 5 secs but just can’t…

      • I like the plot of the story, well I mean they didn’t copy it of other places or anything.. N yes there is a lot wrong with him… I’m not the only one who thinks this way…

  9. Apparently there MAY be a taiwan version which won’t be dubbed? But I’m guessing the Taiwan version will only air 1 ep per week whereas the chinese version will air 2 eps daily but will TEMPT me so much to spoil myself (like i always do) HAHAH 

    • it feels really…. unnatural =.= his voice is naturally high which most people are used to and now theres a super low toned voice dubbing it =.= 

      is it just to make him sound more masculine???

      • LOL!! oh dear.. i wonder how he feels hearing himself dubbed one octave lower… >__< lol!! jk! but i do hate dubbing T T at least they didnt dub victoria's voice it seems…

  10. 我要原音拉,她又不是不會講中文為什麼要用配音的,她是母語是中文又不是韓國人為什麼要用配音,她只是去韓國發展而已,就把她當成別的國家的人嗎

  11. lol their voices make the show seem fake and the actors r ugly even tho cal’s in fahrenheit and zhou mi’s in super junior; I love them but I don’t like their acting skills and the show’s plot is just awesome=.=”” like another my princess drama =.=””

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